Why Use A&A

It only takes one candle to illuminate and create elegance and beauty on your table.

A&A Candle Lamp is the artistic creator of exquisite, environmentally responsible, ethically sourced candle lamps that light up your spirit with happiness and joy.
A&A Candle Lamps is committed to strive towards best practice in everything we do to create ambience and add style to any restaurant in a simple and very effective way. Having the courage to think outside the box to create a unique atmosphere and distinctive mood. The real flame in A&A Candle Lamps comes from patented formula A&A Liquid Wax Cartridges. Unlike wax candles, these never smoke, drip or smell and they immediately go out if knocked over, one less thing to worry about!

A&A have a range of over 40 exclusive lamp designs so there is a style to suit every type of restaurant from formal dining to relaxed bistro. New designs are constantly being added to keep up with the latest trends in table – top and interior design. Samples are readily available so the effect can be easily tested in the restaurant.

Our passion is to have an ethical best business practice, a commitment that we pass on to our employees and customers with the highest level of service and care.

A&A’s Liquid Wax Cartridges burn for up to 45 hours so the labor cost of frequent lighting as well as the cost of clearing up spilt candle wax can be saved and the cost per hour of burning is lower than most wax candles. Much more importantly, restaurants that use A&A Candle Lamps take more money!

One light can transform the whole ambience; it does not need to be expensive to create a beautiful table.

When patrons feel relaxed they will stay for an extra coffee, liquor or desert and will talk to their friends and colleagues about your restaurant and the joy they experienced in your establishment.

You can relax into focusing on the food knowing that you can trust us to create the beautiful ambience for your guests to replenish.

Let us take care of your table!