Hotel Reception Candle Lamps

Reception candle lamps: How to make your hotel more welcoming

First impressions count in every business. Whenever you wish to impress your guests, a reception provides you with the first opportunity to do just that. The reception is an important and fundamental factor to consider and invest adequately in if you wish to attract and retain clients. Whenever you’re planning a reception, make sure that you create a lighting style that will capture and sustain the attention of your visitors.

The Ideal Lighting

Lights that are too bright make visitors feel unwelcome and uncomfortable, while dim lights will make your hotel appear dull and gloomy. This will push away potential long-term clients. Make sure your lighting brings out the best of in its surroundings, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To achieve the ideal lighting for your hotel, consider investing in safe and elegant hotel reception candle lamps.

Our hotel reception candle lamps can make your reception area and hallways look elegant and simply breathtaking. All these lamps are guaranteed to provide a lively and vibrant ambiance that will convert your visitors into loyal customers. They will accentuate your furnishings and décor, making them hospitable and relaxing.

Strategic Illumination

Lyco decorations and interior décor experts recommend matching the colours of your candle lamps with that of the general colour theme. This enables you to achieve a uniform yet intriguing atmosphere for your guests. There are almost 40 styles in the hotel reception candle lamps line, enabling you to make a perfect selection that blends in with your décor. These lamps can highlight many places in your hotel, achieving a formal or a relaxed atmosphere — whichever you prefer. Some of the areas that you can highlight include:

  • Reception Hallways
  • Ballrooms
  • Dining areas
  • Conference areas


All these candle lamps are designed with ethical and environmental safety in mind. Each is made using patented liquid wax cartridges that are designed to be entirely smokeless and odorless and to go out immediately if they are knocked over. With all these safety features incorporated into their manufacturing, you’re guaranteed to achieve top-quality, safe lighting for your premises.

Depending on the style you choose, these exquisite candle lamps will burn for 45 hours to 80 hours. They are long-lasting and will always capture the attention of everyone who walks through your front door. The candle lamps are also installed onto contemporary stands that guarantee adequate elevation for astounding illumination.

When you promote safety, reliability, and professionalism in your first impression, you are guaranteed to make more loyal customers. This will increase your profit margins significantly.

First impressions matter a lot. Your reception provides you with the first opportunity to do just that. Light up your business with these exemplary candle lamps. Contact us today for samples.