Fine Dining

How to Improve Table Atmosphere with Table Lamps

Proper lighting is so essential, even the most elegant space isn’t complete without it. Every area needs a combination of accent lighting, general lighting, and task lighting to set the right mood and provide adequate illumination.

Table lamps, which belong to the task lighting category, are of particular importance as they play both functional and decorative roles in your environment. Today, we will go over how you can improve table atmosphere using elegant table lamps.

Functionality Is Essential

First and most important: you need lights to make things visible. It’s one thing to create the right mood by dimming the lights; it’s something else altogether when your customers need flashlights to find the silverware or read the menu.

Think of table lamps as spotlights for your food. There is a wide selection of fine dining table lamps available in the market today, including the Delia collection and Crystal collection from suppliers like Authentic Atmosphere. You should focus on showing off the presentation, rather than hiding it.

Think About the Mood

While it’s important for your guests to see, you don’t want to choose lights that dazzle them. The mood of lighting in your restaurant should also match the food you serve. Using romantic lights at a fast food eatery makes doesn’t make sense; neither does using fluorescent lights at a fine dining restaurant, where fine dining table lamps would be a more sensible option.

There are real ambiance benefits from candle lamps with real flames that bring the mood alive. Enhance the setting in your restaurant with candle lamps such as the Bazaar, Delphi, Mosaic, or Tuscany models to alter the mood, boost the energy, and bring the scene to life for your guests.

Flatter Your Customers

You already understand the significance of spotlighting your food with appropriate lighting. While arranging the table lamps in your restaurant, you should also ensure the lighting flatters your patrons.

Direct overhead lights often cast shadows on patrons’ faces, which might make them look sleepy. Ideal lighting should not only spotlight the food but also reflect off the table, providing a subtle uplighting effect to flatter the face.

Bulbs Make a Whole Lot of Difference

The bulbs you use for your restaurant table lamps make a difference as well. Incandescent bulbs give a softer light than fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are best suited for fast food eateries where customers eat quickly and go; whereas a fine dining establishment merits fine dining table lamps.

What About the Outside?

Exterior lighting is the face of your business. It’s the first impression your patrons will get of your restaurant, and helps to attract potential customers passing by. Appropriate exterior lighting alerts patrons that your restaurant is open. Ensure your entryways, parking areas, architectural highlights, as well as signs are well-lit and clean. Landscape, ground, or gooseneck lights can be perfect for highlighting your operation.


In the past, table lamps were just used for lighting rooms. Today’s fine dining table lamps not only make for superb task lighting, but they also create a great sense of comfort, in addition to adding to the inspiring look of the environment they are placed in. With these tips, you can rest assured that you will achieve just the right the right mood and ambience, encouraging your customers to stay longer and return often.