Hotels & Lobby Candle Lamps

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Hotels & Lobby Candle Lamps Contribute To Atmosphere

Imagine you and your significant other are whisked to the front of a hotel or restaurant. As you walk towards the entrance, the doors are opened for you graciously by the smiling staff and you step into the bright and welcoming hotel lobby or restaurant reception area.

You enjoy the fresh scent and relax immediately. You notice the decorations on the walls, the quality of the seating and furniture, and the well-groomed appearance and attentive smiles of the hotel or restaurant staff. You start to feel at ease. Romantic, and carefree.

It’s the little touches that create the Ahhhh effect for your guests. The perfect art on the walls. The greenest plants lining your walkways. An open and airy lobby with an attractive and up to date front desk. All of these set the tone and let your guest know they have decided to visit the right place.

Expertly and Strategically Illuminate Your Hotel Entrance

With our Hotel and Lobby line of candle lamps, you can expertly and strategically illuminate the entrance to your lobby, creating just such an atmosphere.

With over thirty styles in the Hotel and Candle Lamps line to choose from, you’ll be able to highlight your reception and dining areas with the little touches needed to finish them off, whether the areas are formal or relaxed.

Authentic Atmosphere creates all of the artistic candle lamp designs with environmental and ethical safety in mind. Each candle uses the patented Liquid Wax Cartridges which are designed to be odorless, smokeless, and to go out immediately if accidentally knocked over.

The liquid wax cartridges will fit any of the Hotel and Lobby Candle Lamps, and can burn for 45 hours to 80 hours, depending on the size and style you choose.

Lighting is, after all, magic. View the range on the pages below and then contact us for a consult and quote.