Leading Restaurant Design Concepts for 2016

Restaurant Design Concept

Australia’s Hotels, Restauranteurs Meet 2016 With Panache Architects and designers for the hospitality industry are aware of wide varieties of atmospheres available to deliver strikingly new dining and resort concepts. Exactly what is the ambiance the owners desire? What materials in construction and accessories will help achieve the desired style? At the same time as designing the ultimate in atmosphere and aesthetic mood, the designers must ensure Australia’s basic regulations are met, without any compromise in by the elegant, intimate architecture and design elements.

4 Key Elements of a Good Restaurant Atmosphere

Good Restaurant Atmosphere

You have a restaurant that serves high-quality food and a group of regular customers that regularly eats at your establishment, but something is missing. Deep down, you already know what’s missing, as you look around the restaurant and realize it is bland and boring, with no ambiance of any kind. You may have been to other restaurants that have a great vibe that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. So, the question arises, what are the four key elements of a good restaurant atmosphere?

How restaurant ambience contributes to profitability

Restaurant Ambience and Profitability

How Restaurant Ambience and Profitability Relate Most restaurant owners notice it when their customers aren’t returning, but very few care to find out the reason. Customers never notify you before they stop coming. They just vanish. This is the most dangerous thing that can happen to your business. Several factors can undermine the profitability of a restaurant, the most notable of them being a bad atmosphere. As such, you need to pay keen attention to your restaurant ambience. When your restaurant is a more pleasurable place to be, with a lovely mood, customers will come in, hang out longer, and of … Continue reading How restaurant ambience contributes to profitability

What Makes A Good Restaurant Design

Good Restaurant Design

What makes a good restaurant design? The quality of food might be exceptional, and the customer service offered by your staff might be the best there is, but without an attractive design, your restaurant might not perform very well. The kind of design your restaurant features plays a significant role in encouraging new clients to try out your business, and current customers to become repeat customers. So, what exactly makes a good restaurant design?

What Makes A Great Restaurant Ambience

Restaurant Ambience

Restaurant ambience: the making a memorable experience Your successful restaurant will depend on a number of factors, including your restaurant ambience. Profitability rests on the type of cuisine, quality of your food, controlling food costs, your staff, as well as marketing efforts. When you are concentrating on the most important points to ensure your establishment is popular and well-received, restaurant ambience is one that is often overlooked, but needs to be addressed for success.

The 5 Benefits of Classic Table Lamps

Classic Table Lamps

Elegance is what Classic Table Lamps bring There’s nothing like the romantic elegance of table lamps and candles. From the gentle glow of the light to the organic flickering of the flame, these lights can truly set the mood. But why should you and your business consider these classic table lamps and candles? These five benefits point out to exactly what each can offer and why you need to make sure the lighting is always right, no matter what the setting.

Four Ways Candle Lamps Can Improve Ambience

improve your ambience

When it comes to you’re the ambience of your hotel or bar and its effect on customer satisfaction, it’s the details that count. One of the most efficient and cost-efficient features is having a set of candle lamps for your bar. They are affordable, very attractive, and has the potential to significantly improve ambience. If you are curious about how bar candles can enhance your hotel or bar establishment, here are examples of four ways they make your bar’s ambience better.

Improving your RestaurantAmbiance with Table Lamps

Restaurant Ambiance with Table Lamps

Setting the right restaurant ambiance with table lamps When choosing the decor for any restaurant, lighting, particularly that at each individual table, is one of the most important factors to consider. Lighting affects the overall experience for your guests. Poor lighting will negatively impact the dining experience, no matter how excellent the food is. Just as you consider table size and spacing between each tables, the lighting at each table is very important.

Spending your Holidays with Style

Holidays with Style

Imagine you and your significant other are whisked to the front of a hotel or restaurant. As you walk towards the entrance, the doors are opened for you graciously by the smiling ushers and you step into the bright and welcoming hotel lobby or restaurant reception area.

Finding Right Table Lamps Online

Decorating  your table is often given only little status in the whole process of creating a unique image to your restaurant. Even small, it though has such an important part in representation. It is often put last and a big emphasis is put on the food served. Although this is unquestionable one of the most important factors of running a successful establishment, the ambience created should not be forgotten.

Creating an Easter Ambiance

Lamps Table Setting for Easter

This is a time when the light of the world returns to us. Light is hope and the flavor of the candle always inspires hope and joy in us, and for this time it is especially relevant. Whether you are celebrating the religious tradition or just enjoying the gathering time with your family, let our beautiful candle lamps symbolize all those things. Create a joyful ambiance for this celebration, renewing hope and acknowledging the seasonal time.

Lighting your Tables with Flair

No matter what theme, style or size of your tables, the addition of a candle or candle lamp can transform the atmosphere and dining experience for your guests. That’s why it’s imperative to get your tabletop lighting right. At A & A Candle Lamp we specialize in tabletop lighting for all kinds of dining experiences- allowing you to find the perfect lighting solution to suit your decor and style.

Featured Lamp: Eternity

Eternity Lamps

Our Eternity lamps are guaranteed to add the “€˜wow” factor to your interiors. With a special mirrored glass shade that produces endless twinkling candlelight reflections, the Eternity lamp creates a stunning illusion, perfect for creating feature areas in bars and receptions. LIQUID WAX CANDLE: Petite – 250 (22-hr) Medium & Long – 400 (40-hr)