Lighting your Tables with Flair

How to light your tablesNo matter what theme, style or size of your tables, the addition of a candle or candle lamp can transform the atmosphere and dining experience for your guests. That’s why it’s imperative to get your tabletop lighting right. At A & A Candle Lamp we specialize in tabletop lighting for all kinds of dining experiences- allowing you to find the perfect lighting solution to suit your decor and style.

Classic and Contemporary Designs for your Tabletops
As with new menus, table top themes and presentation can and will vary in most restaurants with changes in season and fashion. At A & A Candle Lamp, we make it our business to keep up with the latest trends in table top lighting as well as keeping a consistent range of classic and traditional lighting options. This allows us to cater to each and every restaurant owner’s needs all year round.
Our table top candle lamp collection includes:

  • Painted ceramic lamps
  • Modern lamps
  • Traditional Shade Lamps
  • Glass lamps and much more

For more information on our lamps and to view our range visit our Lamp Gallery today.

Wondering about size?
If you, like many other restaurateurs have reduced table size to accommodate more customers you no longer have to forgo the use of candlelight. Be sure to check out our petite range of tabletop lighting in our lamp gallery today.

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