Improving your RestaurantAmbiance with Table Lamps

Restaurant Ambiance with Table LampsSetting the right restaurant ambiance with table lamps

When choosing the decor for any restaurant, lighting, particularly that at each individual table, is one of the most important factors to consider. Lighting affects the overall experience for your guests. Poor lighting will negatively impact the dining experience, no matter how excellent the food is. Just as you consider table size and spacing between each tables, the lighting at each table is very important.


Candles provide a very romantic and comforting light. They come in many styles, from Gothic to elegant to eclectic to highly stylised. Restaurant table lamps are available as single candles, or in groups of three or more. You can select different heights as well. Placing adequate candle lighting in the center of each table provides a gentle glow while guests enjoy their meal. This soft light cannot be easily mimicked by electrical lighting fixtures. While the center of each table may be enough in some restaurants, others may find it works well to use candles throughout the entire restaurant.

Along many walls, at either seated height or at the height of a person of average height, use recessed areas to hold candles. Alternating heights can produce a glowing wall that can provide a warm and inviting backdrop for guests.

Candles can help create inviting ambiance at the front desk or hostess area. While the main working area could have brighter light for practicality, nearby areas could be much darker if the proper lighting fixture was installed over the working area.

Choosing a fixture that directs light directly down into a small circular area, candles placed nearby could produce a warm glow to welcome guests coming in. As they wait to be seated, patrons can feel soothed by well-placed candles on ledges behind them, or mixed into safe locations within indoor gardens.

Producing the Right Ambiance

Choose unscented, slow-burning candles. Tall candles can symbolize lengthy relationships and generosity. If you prefer to use taller holders with shorter candles as your restaurant table lamps, this can be done by placing a ball of foil in the bottom of the candle holder and placing the candle on top. This can detract from the look of the candle holder, so take care to ensure a clean, quality appearance. The aim is to create a glow that is more toward the top of the candle holder instead of at the bottom, which can mean, to some, the end of a relationship.

Simple and Easy Maintenance

Maintaining candles is important. Restaurant table lamps become dirty; some guests do damage to them and dirty them purposely; sometimes they need to be repaired or replaced. Maintenance means more than just lighting table candles at the beginning of the evening and then snuffing each one of them out at night’s end. Wicks should also be maintained and trimmed as needed. Better quality restaurant table lamps and candles are easier to maintain, and for longer periods of time.