Four Ways Candle Lamps Can Improve Ambience

improve your ambienceWhen it comes to you’re the ambience of your hotel or bar and its effect on customer satisfaction, it’s the details that count. One of the most efficient and cost-efficient features is having a set of candle lamps for your bar. They are affordable, very attractive, and has the potential to significantly improve ambience.

If you are curious about how bar candles can enhance your hotel or bar establishment, here are examples of four ways they make your bar’s ambience better.

Improved Table Lighting

House lighting can leave varying areas of relative darkness and light, and that means your tables have differing levels of light and, ultimately, different levels of ambience, and not always for the better. Fortunately, you can use bar candle lamps to better control the lighting at each table and improve the ambience for all of your patrons. They no longer will be relegated to light and dark seating areas, and instead will have a wider range of seating options to help them better enjoy their time inside your establishment, stay longer, and spend more money.

Enhances Intimacy

Because the lamps provide highly localised lighting, they greatly improve the intimacy at individual tables. When you have relatively low house lighting, a candle lamp helps to draw attention to those at patrons’ tables by making the table a brighter place. That means it’s easier for your patrons to see the person with whom they are sitting and focus on one another without becoming distracted from others nearby.

Creates a Sense of Warmth

The flickering glow of a lighted candle evokes warmth and comfort, and that can help make your customers feel more at home while at your establishment. As you know, if people feel more comfortable, they will likely stay for longer and spend more.

The flickering of an open flame, combined with effects of shadows and the orange glow of its light, creates a very inviting atmosphere for those seated at tables equipped with bar candle lamps.

About the only way for you to create a greater sense of warmth is to have an open fireplace, and that isn’t allowed in many locales. The flames aren’t nearly as big, but bar candle lamps can provide a similar effect.

Attractive Presentation

One of the great things about bar candle lamps is their ability to match and enhance your décor with a wide range of decorative candle holders. A highly ornate candle holder can evoke a regal sense among patrons that is enhanced by the flicking flame within. Various coloured candle holders also cast coloured light that moves and changes in hue and intensity to match the flame creating it.

The result is an every changing play of light and shadows at each of the tables inside your place, which helps to give each table its own unique ambience. The best part is, your candle holders won’t cost much, yet they provide a very high value when you consider the lighting bar candle lamps provide and their effect on ambience.

Attention to Detail

When you take the time to carefully choose the right bar candle lamp for your establishment, you are giving the kind of attention to detail that helps to make your place a unique and fun one to visit for your patrons. Virtually anyone sitting at your tables will notice them, and that makes it important to ensure you have the right ones to help make your place as inviting as possible for your patrons.

Contact us to find out more about the design options best for your bar or hotel. We are happy to provide samples on request so you can see just how well they work to improve your ambience.