Creating an Easter Ambiance

Easter lamps table setting
This is a time when the light of the world returns to us. Light is hope and the flavor of the candle always inspires hope and joy in us, and for this time it is especially relevant. Whether you are celebrating the religious tradition or just enjoying the gathering time with your family, let our beautiful candle lamps symbolize all those things. Create a joyful ambiance for this celebration, renewing hope and acknowledging the seasonal time.

Bring a little of the celebration of Easter into your restaurant. Have fun inserts, which symbolize the season, creating a simple Easter theme by using our special insert lamps. Try it out this Easter with colour, which will transform your regular candle lamp for the holiday. Choose the yellow which brings to mind spring flowers, orange for the warmth and happiness, & white for the purity of the season.

Candles for Easter
A simple way to transform your regular table lighting into a seasonal display or decorative centerpiece.

Our candle lamp inserts are inter-changeable and easy to remove, allowing you to have an infinite number of possibilities with this simple design, removing your concern that ambiance comes at an expensive cost. The beauty of your table is creating an invitation for your guest to rest and sit back, enjoying extended time at your establishment, maybe ordering a dessert or another coffee and stay that little bit longer.

Let us give you a creative and affordable solution allowing you, with a simple insert of our candle lamps, bring the seasonal ambiance to your table.

Easter candle lamps

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