The 5 Benefits of Classic Table Lamps

Elegance is what Classic Table Lamps bring

There’s nothing like the romantic elegance of table lamps and candles. From the gentle glow of the light to the organic flickering of the flame, these lights can truly set the mood. But why should you and your business consider these classic table lamps and candles? These five benefits point out to exactly what each can offer and why you need to make sure the lighting is always right, no matter what the setting.

Classic Grandolas in Lantern Reception

When it comes down to decorating your restaurant, hotel or other building, you need to look towards table lamps and candles. The five benefits of classic table lamps and candles include:

Intimate Setting

Candles and classic table lamps provide a much more intimate setting. Restaurants without individual table lights offer a more universal, flatter look. It exposes the entire restaurant, which is fine in certain circumstances, but with individual lighting at each table, it helps hide away the distractions.

Classic candle lamps create a more personal connection between the individuals at a table, as if they are the only ones in the entire restaurant. It draws the eye in and centers it on the person across from the table, no on some random movement on the other side of the room. When it comes to creating an intimate setting, nothing bets classic candle lamps.

Calming, Peaceful Effect

Guests should feel comfortable and at peace when enjoying a meal, sipping on a cocktail or staying in your bed and breakfast. The warm, organic nature of candles provides exactly this. Candles are warm with the orange and red color tone to it, which helps provide the warm, calm effect.

You have probably been in restaurants and buildings with the universal lighting overhead. It might have a blue tone, which not only makes you feel cold, but it is not a desirable color for restaurants. Red helps induce the feeling of hunger, so while you want the right feeling in your restaurant or bar while making guests feel comfortable and warm, the slight nudge of hunger from the red flicker of a flame helps as well.

Classic Candles

Style and Design

There is the right style and design of classic table lamps and candles for you. Perhaps you desire colored glass around the flame, which in turn allows you to give off a specific color. Frosted glass around the candle can soften the intensity of the candle, while curved and shaped glass can alter the way the lamp light falls on the table around it.

It does not matter what kind of style or design the building is, you have an assortment of options to make the light your own. Lighting is one of the most important aspects in setting the mood of your hotel, restaurant or bar, so taking advantage of the right enclosure around your classic candle lamps is important.

Cost Effective

There is no price you can set on creating the perfect mood, but if there is any way to save money while also creating the perfect mood, you should go after that option. Classic candle lamps have the ability to do exactly that. Candles do not cost as much as light bulbs, provide a more intimate experience and the candles can last an exceptionally long time.


Classic candle lamps are safe. The glass does not become hot, there is not chance of the candle bursting like a light bulb, and should the candle tip, it goes out on its own.

All of these reasons point to why you should take advantage of classic candle lamps.

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