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4 Key Elements of a Good Restaurant Atmosphere

You have a restaurant that serves high-quality food and a group of regular customers that regularly eats at your establishment, but something is missing. Deep down, you already know what’s missing, as you look around the restaurant and realize it is bland and boring, with no ambiance of any kind.

You may have been to other restaurants that have a great vibe that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. So, the question arises, what are the four key elements of a good restaurant atmosphere? Continue reading

How restaurant ambience contributes to profitability

How Restaurant Ambience and Profitability Relate

Most restaurant owners notice it when their customers aren’t returning, but very few care to find out the reason. Customers never notify you before they stop coming. They just vanish. This is the most dangerous thing that can happen to your business.

Several factors can undermine the profitability of a restaurant, the most notable of them being a bad atmosphere. As such, you need to pay keen attention to your restaurant ambience. When your restaurant is a more pleasurable place to be, with a lovely mood, customers will come in, hang out longer, and of course, buy more. Continue reading