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Cerfiticate Of Official Candol Agency In Aus NZ and South Pacific

Authentic Atmosphere stock and supply a full range of Candol products.

Candola Candles

Candola Miracle Lamp
Liquid wax for the Candola Miracle Lamps
  • Look like a candle but burns longer (burning time up to 80 hours)
  • Are more secure (flame goes out when the lamp falls over)
  • Candola Candles are cleaner and leave no residues
  • The Candles never get smaller when burning (4 standard sizes up to 100 cm)
  • The unique Mosquito Stop Refills can also be used in your table lighting and are a very effective solution to deter any insects.
  • This unique Mosquito Stop is also fragrance free so that your guests can enjoy the full ambiance without any unwanted citronella smell.

A Full Range Of Candola Miracle Lamps in Stock

Candola has been used by the hospitality industry for more than 30 years and can be found in some of the finest hotels in Europe. The Miracle Lamp has a number of unique features:

  • Candola Candles
    One of our Candola candles

    Practical multi-purpose table lamp: ‘Miracle Lamps’ come in a variety of styles and colours. No wax, no mess, no stains. The Candola range uses non-wax, eco friendly mineral oil refills. Ideal for enhancing indoor or outdoor ambience. Fragrance & irritant free.

  • Outstanding safety features:  Compared to candles,  ‘Miracle Lamps’ are incredibly safe.  Unique safety sleeve design includes automatic tilt shut off, sealing off liquid spills and extinguishing flame.  Candola Lamps are NOT wax based.  The mineral oil is not combustible making it incredibly safe to store and handle.
  • Time and cost saving: On average ‘Miracle Lamps’ run at under 0.10 cents per hour and run up to 10 times longer than candles. No wax, no mess, no maintenance, no stains.  Refills are simple to use.  Empty refills are recyclable. Glass globes are dishwasher safe.
  • Superior Quality:  European design and workmanship.  The high quality refill, long lasting wick, recyclable materials, blown  glass globes and stylish hard-wearing bases are standard features in the Candola range. Designed to survive the unique demands of the hospitality environment.

Candola Magic Linen

Magic Linen
Candola Magic is stain resistant
Stain resistant Magic Linen table cloths: The Magic Linen table cloth is made of 100% easy care polyester. The surface of the fabric has been treated with a special procedure making it stain resistant. The table cloths are elegant, have a pleasant feel and make your guests feel more comfortable.
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