About Authentic Atmosphere

A&A Candle Lamps was established in the mid 90’s and has been my family business since 2004 when we purchased the company.

However, for me, my story begins in Feb 2012 when I moved into a backpackers with my 3 children and my daughter told me in the car "Mami sometimes it takes more courage to fight than to suffer" and so we took our first steps into freedom. My story is one of standing up for yourself, believing in yourself and never giving up.

In the midst of every challenging situation there was one thing I held and still hold very dear. That is the opportunity to connect and spend time with people who I care about. From when I was little, I remembered always gathering around a table set up with food and light. It was the love that flowed through that made us who we are.

My father's family fled from Russia during WWII and he partially grew up in a refugee camp in Germany. Like so many families they lost everything. Nevertheless his mother upheld her passion for life and maintained an unbroken spirit. My father became my role model. He believed in stepping out and making it happen. He went on to build a multi-international company. Facing challenges is something my family has learnt to embrace, and the gift that is passed on through the generations is the unbroken spirit of joy for life.

My family to this day still gather around a table of light and discuss visions, share ideas and have passion to make the impossible possible. This gave me the inspiration to share these values with my own children and provide a place where they can share food, ideas and feel refreshed and nurtured.

Wherever you are in the world, and no matter what challenges you face, connecting with others around food, light and conversation help you to face a new day with renewed courage and spirit in your hearts.

My passion is to contribute that candle light, making even if only in the smallest way, this world a brighter place, and it is my commitment to create a unique ambience for a beautiful table inviting you to sit down, take a rest and enjoy a meal, not just grow or make money but to commit to excellence, respecting others and put soul in what I do.

I appreciate that we were able to bring light to almost 100’000 tables last year.

Our Team

anjaAnja Hawrylenko


Success means being the best. Excellence means being your best. To me excellence means being better tomorrow than I was yesterday. It is a commitment to grow and allow the challenges to transform into opportunities.